The Black & White Cat Club

Established in 1902

A founder member club of GCCF

Our cats


The Black & White Cat Club caters for Persians and British Shorthairs in Black and White.

What we do


We run a Championship Show every year catering for Persians, Exotic Shorthairs and British Shorthairs.  We are a participating club of the Persian BAC and the British SH Group Committee.





President:              Mr Eric Wickham-Ruffle FZS


Vice-Presidents:  Mr John Strang & Mrs Bryony Duncan


Chairperson:         Mrs Stephanie Haynes


Vice-Chair:            Mrs Sheila Mabey


Secretary:              Mrs Jo Clements


Treasurer:              Mrs Rosemary Fisher


Committee:           Mrs Gill Clark      

                               Mr Jonathan Emery          

                               Mrs Sheila Mabey

                               Mrs Barbara McEwen

                               Mr Stuart McEwen

                               Ms Mel Throp (co-opted)                              


Show Managers:  Barbara & Stuart McEwen


Black&White Cats